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FinOps BigData & reporting FW

Navigation Enhancement in Dashboards

Our latest dashboard update introduces an enhanced feature supporting links to other pages, offering users seamless navigation within the dashboard. Clicking on links now directs users to the respective page.
Users have the freedom to customize their navigation experience according to their preferences. They can choose whether links open within the existing widget or in a new tab, providing flexibility and convenience. With seamless navigation options, users can quickly find and access the information they need.


Cloud Cost Management (FinOps)

Dashboard Schedules

Now, in addition to creating insightful dashboards, with Dashboard Schedules, users can now schedule the generation of real-time dashboard snapshots at specified times. This new feature streamlines the process of capturing the current dashboard content according to user-defined schedules. Additionally, users have the option to seamlessly email these dashboards to designated recipients, ensuring timely dissemination of critical information. Whether it's daily reports, weekly updates, or monthly summaries, this feature empowers users to to stay informed and share insights efficiently.
The Restore VM or disk blade in Data Protection Services is now improved to show the storage account type of the destination VMs in the drop down for a selected subscription to avoid the confusion of which storage account the disks belong to.
The blade also displays the storage account types of source disks in the backup instance
MicrosoftTeams-image (13)
The Dell EMC Isilon usage is collected in Cloud Assert Billing RP by enabling the VConnect Usage Collector.
The total storage used by shared folders in a subscription and the storage used at each shared folder level is collected.
  • In AzS Hub Billing, create a new metered resource by cloning the existing metered resource.
  • Change the Meter Display Name and Meter Id like below for subscription level usage.
  • For shared folder level usage, shared folder name will be the Meter Display Name and Meter Id.
MicrosoftTeams-image (4)
  • Once the metered resource is configured, restarted the Billing Agent service
  • Then the billing cost computation is completed
Hybr has just upgraded its Microsoft CSP support, now allowing customers to import price sheets for multiple regions. Previously, users were confined to importing price sheets for only one country during the partner center account connection.
This update enables customers to import price sheets for countries where they have active customers, providing partners with the flexibility to configure prices tailored to specific regions. This newfound freedom allows partners to fine-tune their pricing strategies according to diverse market conditions and customer needs across different geographies.
The enhanced functionality not only streamlines the pricing process but also enables partners to optimize their strategies globally. By configuring prices for customers in various regions, partners can offer a more personalized and responsive approach, fostering better customer satisfaction and overall business success.


Microsoft CSP


Attractive new billing dashboard

We have configured several new dashboard in the billing area.
1. Customer Product Revenue Summary
This dashboard gives a detailed summary of customer product revenue. The overall revenue summary and customer-wise revenue summary for various service types and products are shown in the dashboard.
2. Invoice Revenue Comparison
This dashboard gives a revenue comparison between the previous and current invoiced months. A revenue comparison by customer is shown. For a granular view, we have also shown the revenue comparison between various products from the customer
Admins are now able to monitor and identify usage anomalies in Virtual Machine usage through a predefined dashboard. This dashboard allows admins to observe the usage patterns of all Virtual Machines, including those with no recorded usage data. By leveraging the dashboard parameters, admins can filter usages based on specified start and end dates.
The dashboard features rows representing VM names and columns indicating dates, with values representing the number of hours each VM was operational on a given day.
Additionally, a second dashboard named "VMs with No Usage", specifically highlights Virtual Machines for which no usage data has been collected. This provides administrators with a streamlined approach to detect and address any usage anomalies effectively.
Hybr Admins can now configure the Help Desk URL for a reseller through the Hybr Settings > Customization page. Hybr Admins need to provide a display name and URL for the Reseller's help desk.
Hybr Admin portal view:
Once this configuration is done, the help desk URL will be visible in the Resellers portal.
Reseller portal view:
Hybr Discovery enables admins to view the resources present in their data centers to which the connections are established in the Hybr Connections tab.
Previously, Hybr Discovery feature was supported for resources such as Virtual Machines, IIS Websites, and SQL Servers. Now, this feature allows the discovery of MySQL server resources as well.
To discover MySQL server resources, it is necessary to initially establish a connection to MySQL server within the Hybr Admin Portal, by providing MySQL server name, username, password and port.
Hybr Admins can discover MySQL resources through two methods:
  • Directly from the MySQL Server tab
  • Directly from the Discovery tab
When a Hybr Admin initiates a new discovery for a specific MySQL server connection, it will trigger a deployment process. Once the deployment job successfully completes, all discovered databases (excluding system created databases) from the MySQL Server will be listed in the Hybr Admin portal.
By using the Discovery Job ID, a Hybr admin can view the resources in Discovery tab.
The admin can navigate into a specific resource ID to view detailed information about the discovered MySQL database.
Hybr now supports ConnectWise integration. The admins and resellers can send their invoice usage details to ConnectWise company, and Hybr also has the provision to map the CSP products to product catalogue in ConnectWise.
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